Incentive mobile traffic. What is it for?

Incentive traffic – all kind of traffic, where the user makes a decision based on the bonus (real cash rewards or virtual currency or items) he was offered to perform an action (such as installing an app or reaching some level in the game).

When is it reasonable to use incentive traffic?

Initially it was used as an easy way of getting installs to reach the Google Play and App Store tops, but later a range of problems was defined, where motivated traffic gives real benefits.

In addition to reaching category Tops, there is a technology for promoting your app with target search queries. For example, type in the search request “send flowers” in Google Play or App Store and see your app on the top of search results. As a result, you start getting users who previously could not find your app among the hundreds of others. How to achieve this? Buy incentive traffic with the search query installation option.

Raise the application rating, improve retention rate, test the application for possible bugs – the problems that also can be quickly and effectively solved with the purchase of inexpensive incentive traffic. By the way, incentive traffic is not limited to the mobile apps installs. Collecting emails, watching videos, running surveys – these are just some ideas for incentive promotion.

What you need to know?

This is primarily a tool to attract organic traffic, although some applications succeed in converting it into loyal users. One of the biggest misconceptions is that Google Play and App Store are struggling with incentive traffic. We know several stories when Google or Apple removed mass motivated ratings that prevents users from an objective assessment of the app. But our installs are done by real people, that does not contradict the basic principles of app stores and also helps them to update stale tops. What do Google and Apple really struggle with – cheating software or bots, and we completely agree and actively counteract this evil, by developing our own anti-fraud solution that is successfully used for catching bots for us, our customers and partners.