ASO – mobile apps search optimization

The main goals of mobile apps optimization in Apple App Store and Google Play are:

– Significantly increase the volume of free organic traffic for your mobile app. We increase installs from the search up to 4.5 times;

– Significantly improve (up to 25% boost) app launch conversion or the purchase of your mobile app. We reduce your costs to attract the user through advertising.

Optimization and its components

Apptotop service will help you to find optimal keywords and title for your iOS-app. We build a semantic kernel in order to collect the maximum number of search queries, that is based on the results of users surveys, and Google and Yandex search engines recommendations, as well as popular and recommended search queries at Apple App Store. For Android applications we use the same technique to build SEO-description for you to upload to Google Play.

The techniques for building up a semantic kernel is constantly improved and therefore the app promotion via the ASO can not be done once, be sure to periodically return to this question. But the basics are quite static, allowing you to get high-quality organic installs permanently and free of charge. And it is very important for the project beginning, when resources are very limited.

Our team will also create and test new screenshots, icons and other app page elements in the store on real people using A\B-test systems or and then select the most effective ones to use.

Translating mobile apps

Before proceeding with the translations into other languages we send text resources for the approval. As soon as the customer approves them we send them to the translators. All translations are made by native speakers. After that there is a quality control by Russian translation agency.