App Store promotion

App Store promotion consists of two main blocks:

  1. Basic promotion – consists of all methods that are changing the packaging of the app, in order to increase organic traffic and installation conversion:
    1. ASO (App Store Optimization):
      • semantic kernel compilation
      • optimizing app description
      • creating icons and screenshots
      • A \ B testing
    2. Buying reviews…
  2. Additional promotion combines the output of the top categories and the overall top App Store, the output in the top search and some other – ways that do not make changes to the application itself, but simply allow you to show it to more people, that is, make it possible to identify potential customers, that your application any.

Basic promotion has permanent and long-term effect and we encourage doing it in any case, whether you do it on your own or with the experts assistance. Anyway this should be done! No matter what methods of promotion you use, inside or outside of App Store, you risk significantly reducing or even killing the effect of promotion and losing all marketing budget. Therefore, we call it basic promotion.

App Store search algorithm at this time is very straightforward. For example, it does not take into account different word forms, which requires knowledge of the nuances, and promoting your app in the top category and the overall top for most applications simply do not pay off. Tell us more about yourself and we will think together over your tasks.